Mozilla & Google answer questions about WebAssembly (Lin Clark, Till Schneidereit, Adam Klein),

At the Google Munich Meetup on May 22nd, 2019.

Three myths about WebAssembly,

1⃣ WebAssembly is a replacement for JavaScript!
2⃣ C++/Rust developers can now code front-end applications!
3⃣ WebAssembly is faster than JavaScript!

🐹🕸️ I'm super excited to announce the Fastest WebAssembly Runtime for Go: wasmer, 🎉 is a Go library to execute WebAssembly binaries.

Have fun!

#golang #webassembly

🐹🕸️ Wasmer, the Go library,, now supports imported function 🎉: WebAssembly can call a function implemented in Go!

Example with a logger in the following screenshots.

#golang #webassembly

Wasmer 0.5 has been released,

• More stable version of WASI
• Ships with wapm 0.3 (with package signing and contracts)
• Emscripten improvements, now able to run python and openssl!
• Context trampoline for exported functions
• & more!

Running WebAssembly on the Kernel with Wasmer,

This is huge! One can write a C, C++, Rust, AssemblyScript, Swift… program, compile it to WebAssembly, and run it on the kernel!

10% speedup on a tcp echo server over native code!

#webassembly #performance

Introducing .NET 5,

.NET is getting unified:

> There will be just one .NET going forward, and you will be able to use it to target Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, tvOS, watchOS and WebAssembly and more.

Yup, WebAssembly.

#dotNet #webassembly

🐘🕸️ `php-ext-wasm` 0.4.1 released 📢

- Invoking an exported function is now 10% to 16% time faster 🎉
- Bonus: Memory usage is 1% smaller
- Bug fixes
- Update runtime to Wasmer 0.4.0

#php #webassembly #performance

Wasmer 0.4.1 has been released!

WAPM's been improved, emscripten support's been improved, bug fixes and more.

💎🕸 Announcing `wasmer`, the Ruby library to run WebAssembly binaries 🎉 📢.

It's fast. It's stable. It's fun.

$ gem install wasmer

Share the love!

#ruby #webassembly

WebAssembly Micro Runtime (WAMR),

Intel releases WAMR, a Wasm interpreter designed for a small footprint.

#webassembly #runtime


SwiftWasm compiles @SwiftLang code to WebAssembly. That's it :-).

Now you can run your Swift program in a browser, or on any server.


#swiftlang #webassembly

1password now uses WebAssembly,

> […] page filling & analysis now runs at least twice as fast as before, and those websites with a large number of fields are up to 13x faster in Chrome and up to 39x faster in Firefox! It’s blazing fast. 🔥



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