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Dramatically reduced power usage in Firefox 70 on macOS with Core Animation,

Power usage's improved by 3x or more for many use cases. Computer battery life is greatly extended!

#firefox #macos #browsing

If you run into issues using `wasmer-runtime` today, remove your Cargo.lock (or you can probably just remove the entries starting with `clif-fork)` and try again.

Sorry about the inconvenience!

Super exicted that landed!

Major WASI FS rewrite. We added a virtual root, so by accessing `/` you can see all your preopened file descriptors.

The sandboxing is also way better, the code is way more internally consistent and the complicated logic is more reused so there should be less bugs!

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Wasmer 0.5 has been released,

• More stable version of WASI
• Ships with wapm 0.3 (with package signing and contracts)
• Emscripten improvements, now able to run python and openssl!
• Context trampoline for exported functions
• & more!

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Wasmer 0.4.1 has been released!

WAPM's been improved, emscripten support's been improved, bug fixes and more.

Wasmer has preopen file descriptors for WASI are on master now!

Still a bit of a work in progress


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