Green Supreme | Premium HTFSE Diamonds | 1g
Green Supreme Diamonds are High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extracts (HTFSE). Full-spectrum extracts are cannabis concentrates that retains its full cannabinoid and terpene profile without undesirable by-products from the raw plant.
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Luxe Extracts Premium Shatter | 1g
The Luxe Extracts experience is more than just a dab, or a smoke sesh – its’ a lifestyle that is encompassed around excellence, cannabis advocacy, rights and celebrating a higher quality of life. This Canadian-based team promises to change the way you appreciate cannabis with their knowledge and extraction skills.
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The Budibles | Wiggly Worms | 200mg THC
200mg THC Wiggly Worms by The Budibles are THC infused gummies, that will bring back memories of the 5 cent candies you’d get from the corner store. The Budibles have designed these edibles to be potent so it is encouraged to start at a low dose and increase only is comfortable.
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Ketama Gold Hash
$50.00 - $340.00
Imported from a famous region of Ketema Moroccco this is an old school favourite. The Ketama looks almost brown-black from the strong oil content, this hash is really a dark polm. The layers are still easy to spot and vary in tones and shades.
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Boost Concentrates | Space Bomb Gummies | Polarized Peach
These Cannabis Infused Gummies are packed with fun and potent THC distillate. They taste even better than your typical gas station 5 cents candy. These tasty little Space Bomb Gummies make medicating easier and tastier than ever and they’re great for helping ease away stress and anxiety.
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